It's Spring... Almost.

I love spring. I love the smell, the growth, the warmth.  I feel like winter can get sooooo long that we forget what it is like to go outside without a coat on.  But the days are getting longer, the snow is melting, and we are (hopefully) on the other side of below zero temps.

Which is why i want to celebrate spring in the most fabulous way possible. With a sale!!!  So that is why during the WHOLE month of March I am giving YOU (at least if YOU are a bride, or a friend of a bride, sister of a bride, mother of the bride, aunt of a bride, groom to the bride, or know of someone that knows someone that knows someone that is getting married soon)  a chance to save some major money.  And really who DOESN'T like to save money???

Book a wedding with me during the whole month of March and you will get a FREE engagement session-that is a saving of 100's of dollars people!! (Go on-do your happy dance now-and then call me) :)  Side note... Your wedding doesn't have to be actually DURING the month of March but it DOES have to go down BEFORE December 31, 2013.  

All YOU have to do is mention #SPRINGLOVE when booking your big day and you will magically save some money. See, wedding planning IS fun-and doesn't have to break your budget.  Your piggy bank is safe with me. I promise.

A *few* minor details please... You must BOOK your wedding to receive this promotion and if you ALREADY have booked do not fret-share this post and YOU will receive a special photo bonus post nuptials. :)  And don't forget to have your friends let me know they heard of SGP from YOU!!! Special referral bonus treats go to those that spread the word. 

Now, if you please... Some pretty things to spark your interest.

April KleinComment