Amy and Kory: A Mankato Wedding

"You get me. There's no other way to put it. When I am a whirlwind of a person, a mess of bad moods and even worse ideas, you move in slow, wrap each of those arms around me and in an instant, I am understood. When I am blind of all else, I see the way through you."

Beau Taplin~The Way

One of my favorite desserts/sweets are donuts. They are a weakness of mine. Especially donuts covered in chocolate. Can you blame me?  So, when I found out that my friends Amy and Kory were having a donut bar for their reception-I practically did cartwheels.  And that was just ONE highlight from their wedding. 

Amy and Kory are two of the most laid back people-my kind of people. They go with the flow-even when it is 90 degrees out and Kory has to wait an extra half hour for Amy and I to show up for portraits because I  *might* have gotten lost.  They laughed at all my jokes and were such good sports-even in the warm weather, the bugs, and the bajillion stairs I made them climb a few times to get *that* shot. 

Mankato is a beautiful city and I loved spending the day exploring the trails with Amy, Kory, and their closest friends.