Kaitlyn and Jordan: A Wisconsin Wedding

I love you more than I have even found a way to say to you. 
Author Unknown.

So, I love my job. That isn't a secret. I get to meet amazing people every day. I get to tell stories. I get to work from home, in my sweats while helping others create memories they will have forever. I will never take that for granted. I love all the couples that I get to meet. I love their unique love. The story that makes them different.  And I love that I can be a part of so many life changing days. Days full of laughter and love and often tears. Days that will be remembered for so long. I love that all the people I meet don't care that I have a obnoxious laugh, or that I talk really fast. That I love to talk about celebrities like they are my BFF or that I might get giddy when I get my shot. That I will stop you in the middle of talking because the light is just right and you look so beautiful and perfect. I love randomness and I love that people love my randomness.

Meet Kaitlyn and Jordan. Two of the sweetest people I have ever met. Jordan,-the strong quiet type with a dry wit, and Kaityln-the girl with a laugh that warms the soul, that is one of those once-in-a-lifetime friends, and a women with passion for all those that around her.  Their wedding day started out cold and blustery. One of those end of the fall, could winter be here early, grey days. The day that honestly you just want to stay under the covers.  But as soon as the day started and I was entered into Kaitlyn's inner circle of friends all cold weather was forgotten. There was so much laughter and plain happiness around Kaitlyn that you couldn't help but get caught up in the joy of the day.

And then the sun came out. Right as Kaitlyn and Jordan said their "I do's."  There were tears of happiness and the kind of hugs that come only when you are so excited about the life that these two were about to embark on. It wasn't just a day to celebrate their love it was another day to celebrate the life that Kaitlyn and Jordan had created together.

A huge thank you Kaitlyn and Jordan for including me in your family, in your day, in your life. I loved every second of it!