2015: Portraits Part Two

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist.
Oscar Wilde
Life. Life is beautiful. Life is messy. It is full and can be hard and hurt but it can be oh, so amazing in all of those things. Those days when it is hard to look up, hard to get up, or even hard to see that you CAN get up. But here is the secret. You can. You can get up. And you will. You will make it. Even when it looks dark. Even when you feel alone. But you will make it. Life is so beautiful and great and full of chances. First chances, second chances, as many chances as you need. Life is full of them. Just look up. That is where the sun is.
This year I got the chance to photograph so many strong people. People that have lived. That are living. People that have stories, scars, wrinkles, and are deeply beautiful. From the inside out. I love laughter and smiles. In them are the every day. And I think the every day is precious and rare and full.