Memories at the fair

The Pierce County Fair. A place and time that I hold dear to my heart and has held some of my greatest summer memories. It is a place that every summer I would wait anxiously for-a place to see all your friends that you hadn't had a chance to see in two months (this was prior to Facebook, snap chat, or let's be honest cell phones-I mean, really, how did we survive?) 

And then I had kids and the fair became an even BETTER place. I got to see it through new eyes. The wonder and the fun that my kids would have riding the rides, seeing the animals, and eating from all the church stands.  And of course loading up on Purell when we were all done. (And all the parents said "AMEN.") 

This year is EXTRA special for me at the fair. Sophisticated Grace Photography is going to be there! Which means I get to see all my friends, hang out, take some pretty photos, and share my heart on being a storyteller.  It also means a lot of special surprises!! 

Here are just a few…

****Candy? We got it. Pens and other goodies? Come get those too. Gorgeous photos of some of your closest friends-we have those. Stop by to see how beautiful Wisconsin is.

****I am going to do giveaways EVERY DAY. And I mean let's be honest who doesn't like free stuff.  So, stop at our booth and sign up.

****If you book your portrait session during the fair you get 10% off of your session fee! Again, who doesn't like FREE money. **Weddings aren't included in this special but do not fret- I will have something for all of you engaged couples.***

****NEW this year we are going to make YOU a photographer for the day. We want to see YOUR memories of the Pierce County Fair. To do this use tag all your photos from the fair with #sgplovespcf. At the end of the day we will scroll through all the fun photos you take-and pick someone to win a gift card to Target OR to SGP. (Again, who doesn't love free money- especially to TARGET and free money for photos is always a plus too.) **Clearly some exclusions apply to this-as in you have to actually BE at the fair to take photos of the fair. :)***

***For those of you that CAN'T be at the fair I am still offering the 10% off of your portrait session fee AND a special giveaway on Facebook. So, keep your eyes peeled for that!!

I have a few other things up my sleeve. But you will have to STOP BY to see them. I can't wait to see all of you at the fair and meet some new friends and share in some memories!!