Dustin and Sabrina Get Married.

Dustin and Sabrina's wedding day dawned with rain. A lot of rain. But you would have thought that it was the most beautiful day of the summer with the attitude of the bride and groom. Two people with one of the best outlooks on life. Nothing was going to get them down. It was, after all, the best day of their life. A day they had been waiting patiently for for many years.

I can't say enough good things about these two. They love Jesus and love to show others His love. They love each other and go out of their way to prefer the other. Their love is the kind that they write stories of. Their love radiates from them whenever they speak of the other.

It was an honor to be with them as they dedicated their lives to the other and I hope I have the opportunity to capture many more memories for them and with them. Congratulations Dustin and Sabrina. Your day was absolutely perfect.