Tom and Megan: a Minneapolis Engagement

Minnesota has hard winters (thank you Captain Obvious.) and this particular winter was a very longggggggggg, harddddddddd, horribleeeeeeeee.  For instance, my kids missed six days of school because it was TOO COLD!!! Oh, and did I mention that Minneapolis was closed for a day in August because it was too hot?  I mean, let's be honest-we live here for those few months (err, weeks??) of heat, perfect sunsets, and bonfires.  Well, at least I do.  

And my engagement session with Megan and Tom a few weeks ago was just that. PERFECTION.  We had just come off a week of rain, cold, and clouds. Megan actually lives out in Colorado so we only had a few days while she was here to get some photos in.  And their night delivered in a way that only God can do. He created a beautiful backsplash of color and Megan and Tom are so much F.U.N. I am so excited for September-but until then come see why I live (and LOVE) the state I live in. :)