addisen grace

This is Addisen. She likes to run, dance, and be outside.  She wants to be Sophia the First and her favorite princess is Snow White.  She likes to nap (most of the time), she loves Oreo cookies, she loves being with family, and loves school. She is adventurous but can be shy.  She loves to swim and watch Disney movies. However, these are just little pieces that can't even begin to scratch the surface of who she is.

She is my first born.  She has more empathy than anyone I have ever met.  She was perfectly suited to be the sibling to Piper.  The patience she exudes towards those around her amazes me every day.  I have learnt so much from her these past five and a half years-she is smart, graceful, and sweet.   Most importantly she loves to love.  Every day she looks for ways to be a blessing.  My family is so important to me so today I am introducing you to part of it-if you are lucky enough you will get to meet her one day.