Hi, I am April and I want to be a part of your story. When I started my business my hope, and ultimately, my goal was to make everyone that I met to feel loved. To feel that when they spent time with me they were safe. Safe to share their heart, safe to be themselves, and safe to absolutely let go and to laugh at themselves.  And that is what I strive for.

I am a girl that loves a good sale-the clearance aisles of Target make me happpppppy.  When you meet me you will find that I am a bit quirky and super down to earth. I hate pressure and do my very best to alleviate all stress when it comes to finding one of your vendors.

I don’t take it lightly when people hire me, or really even meet with me to discuss their wedding or family photos.  When you look back on your time with me and the photos that accompany it I not only want you to have beautiful, classic pieces of art but I also want you to be able to go back and FEEL the emotion that you felt that day.

That is why I love photography. I love that it can instantly bring you back to a moment. You can almost smell the smells of the day, you can hear the laughter, and you can get lost in the moment of giving your heart away.

A few random things about me. Like I said I LOVE Target. I could literally spend hours roaming the aisles and I am totally the person that goes in for one thing and spends $100. (We all have things we are working on-k?) I love Minnesota and the Midwest. I love our seasons and our natural beauty. We may not have oceans but we have the best lakes out there.   I am never cold-I once shot the bridal portraits of a winter wedding without my boots on so that the bride could keep her feet warm/dry.  I love to eat.  And coffee. But not from Starbucks or Caribou. But from my own keurig. Probably because I like an insane amount of creamer to be put in.  Raise your hand if you are with me.  I am a quality time person and LOVE movies and TV. I am a binger of Netflix and would personally like to thank whoever invented HULU.

Hey-you made it through the short novel.   Why should you hire me?  I mean, that is really what you want to know-right? You have probably spent time researching different photographers and there are quite a few similarities in most photographers work.  But here is what sets me a part. I will bend over backwards for you to make your wedding day or portrait session the best it could possibly be. I will laugh with you, make you laugh at me (wait until you hear my fake laugh-it is pretty freaking awesome.),  and I will probably cry with you.  I bustle dresses with the best of them and I will do whatever I can to help everyone out.  I have cleared my fair share of tables to clear off that dance floor quicker to get the party started.  And you know what else? I will capture your day. I will capture those big moments-cue the ugly crying during your vows, and I will capture those small, seemingly forgotten moments, so that when you look back at your wedding day you can literally go back to any moment and feel the emotions: the happiness, the anxiety, the surreal feelings that is a wedding. And you can relish it all over again.

Again, my heart is for you to look back at your session or wedding day and think: “Wow, that was the best thing ever. And the pictures are amazing too.”  I love what I do and LOVE all the people that allow me into their stories.  So, hit me up. Let’s grab a bite to eat or go on an adventure.  And I promise you-we will have fun.