Brent and Angela: An Engagement Story

I love my hometown. I love the familiarity, I love that you can still send your kids on their bikes to the local pool. I love the library, the Family Dollar (I mean really if you can't find it there you have to wonder if you really need it.). I love that it is surrounded by farms. Dairy farms, cow farms, farms that harvest tons of corn, soy beans, and other produce.  And I love when my love of photography mixes with my love of the fields and rolling hills that I grew up around.

I met Angela last winter to chat about her upcoming wedding to Brent and you could immediately tell how much love they shared. It was such an honor when they asked me to shoot their wedding at the end of summer. But back in June I had the opportunity to visit their farm. I got to photograph them amongst their cows and even managed to step in huge pile of cow poop (do not fret-I had on rain boots so I didn't smell bad for that long…) and got to four-wheel up a huge hill. It was a night that I will always remember and could not thank them enough for choosing me to photograph such a special event in their lives.