Tilly Jean: A Newborn Story.

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things: wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."

Eda J LeShan

I first met Amy and Travis a little over three years ago when they were pregnant with their first baby; Nayvie. It was an instant friendship and I consider myself so blessed to have gotten to know them. Amy is such an amazing mother and when they asked me to come in a photograph their newborn's at the hospital I was so excited. There is something so beautiful in capturing those first few days of a new family's lives. Fast forward three years and I had the opportunity to photograph their third, and final, newborn. Tilly Jean came into the world a few weeks early and was full of spit and vinegar. Born a fighter I had an absolute blast meeting her and documenting her first few days of life.  


Amy and Kory: A Mankato Wedding

"You get me. There's no other way to put it. When I am a whirlwind of a person, a mess of bad moods and even worse ideas, you move in slow, wrap each of those arms around me and in an instant, I am understood. When I am blind of all else, I see the way through you."

Beau Taplin~The Way

One of my favorite desserts/sweets are donuts. They are a weakness of mine. Especially donuts covered in chocolate. Can you blame me?  So, when I found out that my friends Amy and Kory were having a donut bar for their reception-I practically did cartwheels.  And that was just ONE highlight from their wedding. 

Amy and Kory are two of the most laid back people-my kind of people. They go with the flow-even when it is 90 degrees out and Kory has to wait an extra half hour for Amy and I to show up for portraits because I  *might* have gotten lost.  They laughed at all my jokes and were such good sports-even in the warm weather, the bugs, and the bajillion stairs I made them climb a few times to get *that* shot. 

Mankato is a beautiful city and I loved spending the day exploring the trails with Amy, Kory, and their closest friends.


Sarah: A Maple Grove Senior.

"There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind."

C.S. Lewis

Life goes so fast. My oldest daughter is going to be ten this year. I remember when she was born everyone would say: "Enjoy it. It goes so fast."  I was like: "Yeah, right it goes fast. I haven't slept in months and am fairly certain every piece of clothing I own has some sort of puke on it, and we are just getting started."  And now she's ten and I AM the one saying that to others. It really does go so fast.  So I can't imagine how fast the next eight years are and she is out of the house. 

Why tell you this? Because some of my favorite sessions are senior sessions. I LOVE meeting these new people that are just on the start of their adult journey.  I love hearing their dreams, their favorite memories of high school, and all they hope to do. I have gotten to watch Sarah the last few years play basketball and so when her mom reached out to me to do her senior portraits I was ecstatic. We spent a beautiful fall evening exploring one of the local parks and laughing and dreaming together.